Phase 3


3-1 Caprichoso (III bolero)

3-2 A Distancia (III bolero)

3-3 Algo Contigo (III bolero)

3-4 Pecado (III bolero)

3-5 Alma de Mujer (III bolero)

3-6 Mandy (III bolero)

3-7 Bello Amanecer (III bolero)

3-8 Nina Bonita (III bolero)

3-9 Truly Madly Deeply (III bolero)

3-10 Could I Have This Kiss Forever (III bolero)


R3-1 Ready To Take A Chance Again (III bolero)

R3-2 Crazy For You (III bolero)

R3-3 The Flame (III bolero)

R3-4 All The Man That I Need (III bolero)

R3-5 Should've Never (III bolero)

R3-6 Don't (III bolero)

R3-7 The Way You Love Me (III bolero)

R3-8 Adorn (III bolero)

R3-9 Hurt (III bolero)

R3-10 Last Request (III bolero)

R3-11 But I Do Love You (III bolero)

R3-12 Careless Whisper (III bolero)

R3-13 Cruisin' (III bolero)

R3-14 Dark Fire (III bolero)

R3-15 Dreaming Of You (III bolero)

R3-16 Esperame En El Cielo (III bolero)

R3-17 Esperare (III bolero)

R3-18 Delirio (III bolero)

R3-19 How Can You Love Me (III bolero)

R3-20 Every Time You Go Away (III bolero)

R3-21 If You Asked Me To (III bolero)



















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