Phase 6


6-1 Summer Wages (VI foxtrot)

6-2 With A Song In My Heart (VI foxtrot)

6-3 Jeanie & Shenandoah (VI foxtrot)

6-4 Pennies From Heaven (VI foxtrot)

6-5 Thanks For The Memories (VI foxtrot)

6-6 Don't Tell A Soul (VI foxtrot)

6-7 Learnin' The Blues (VI foxtrot)

6-8 You're Just In Love (VI foxtrot)

6-9 'S Wonderful (VI foxtrot)

6-10 Stay As Sweet As You Are (VI foxtrot)

6-11 Always True To You In My Fashion (VI foxtrot)

6-12 The Show (VI foxtrot)


R6-1 Thank You For The Music (VI foxtrot)

R6-2 Cherry Heart (VI foxtrot)

R6-3 If It Ain't One Thing It's Another (VI foxtrot)

R6-4 Just For The Fun Of It (VI foxtrot)

R6-5 Manic Monday (VI foxtrot)

R6-6 Stay (VI foxtrot)

R6-7 100 Years (VI foxtrot)

R6-8 A Matter Of Trust (VI foxtrot)

R6-9 Higher And Higher (VI foxtrot)

R6-10 I'll Walk Alone (VI foxtrot)

R6-11 You Wear It Well (VI foxtrot)

R6-12 Back Down South (VI foxtrot)

R6-13 Hello (VI foxtrot)

R6-14 I Can't Be Bothered Now (VI foxtrot)

R6-15 Mr. Monotony (VI foxtrot)

R6-16 One Way Ticket (VI foxtrot)

R6-17 Not Enough Time (VI foxtrot)

R6-18 Only Love (VI foxtrot)

R6-19 Never Let Her Slip Away (VI foxtrot)

R6-20 Pink Elephant (VI foxtrot)

R6-21 It Started All Over Again (VI foxtrot)

R6-22 Love Boat Theme (VI foxtrot)





























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