Phase 5


5-1 Call Me Irresponsible (IV+1 foxtrot)

5-2 The Look Of Love (IV+1 foxtrot)

5-3 It Had To Be You (V foxtrot)

5-4 Together We Are Beautiful (V foxtrot)

5-5 Just The Way You Are (V foxtrot)

5-6 The Entertainer (V foxtrot)

5-6a Ich Hab Noch Einer Koffer In Berlin (V foxtrot)

5-7 Deep Purple (V foxtrot)

5-8 Closer (V foxtrot)

5-8a As Long As You Love Me (V foxtrot)

5-9 Chanson D'Amour (V foxtrot)

5-10 This Old Heart OF Mine (V foxtrot)

5-11 I Like To Lead When I Dance (V foxtrot)

5-12 Doncha Go Way Mad (V foxtrot)

5-13 I Love Paris (V foxtrot)

5-14 There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder (V foxtrot)

5-15 Harvest Moon (V foxtrot)

5-16 Vincent (V foxtrot)

5-17 Under Attack (V foxtrot)


R5-1 By The Time I Get To Phoenix (V foxtrot)

R5-2 I Wish I Were In Love Again (V foxtrot)

R5-3 Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrong (V foxtrot)

R5-4 I Don't Know Enough About You (V foxtrot)

R5-5 The Song Is Ended (V foxtrot)

R5-6 Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut (V foxtrot)

R5-7 All I Need Is The Girl (V foxtrot)

R5-8 Tarzan Boy (V foxtrot)

R5-9 In Just That Kind Of A Mood (V foxtrot)

R5-10 Don't Cha (V foxtrot)

R5-11 One OF These Nights (V foxtrot)

R5-12 Safe And Sound (V foxtrot)

R5-13 The Logical Song (V foxtrot)

R5-14 Walking In Rhythm (V foxtrot)

R5-15 Cool Night Air (V foxtrot)

R5-16 I Missed Again (V foxtrot)

R5-17 Lookin' At You (V foxtrot)

R5-18 Noite Luar (V foxtrot)

R5-19 Roxie (V foxtrot)

R5-20 Tess's Torch Song (V foxtrot)

R5-21 You Are Not Alone (V foxtrot)

R5-22 The Boy From Ipanema (V foxtrot)

R5-23 Here's To The Losers (V foxtrot)

R5-24 Kiss Me (V foxtrot)

R5-25 My Moon My Man (V foxtrot)

R5-26 Raspberry Beret (V foxtrot)

R5-27 The Odd Couple (V foxtrot)

R5-28 You're In My Heart (V foxtrot)

R5-29 Ce Vendredi La (V foxtrot)

R5-30 I Wouldn't Trade You (V foxtrot)

R5-31 Miss Brown (V foxtrot)

R5-32 Quality Shoe (V foxtrot)

R5-33 The One I Love (V foxtrot)

























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