Phase 6



6-1 What Lies Over The Hill (V+2 waltz)

6-2 Till We Meet Again (V+1 waltz)

6-3 Always (V+2 waltz)

6-4 All Alone (V+1 waltz)

6-5 Song Of My Life (VI waltz)

6-6 It's Your Day Today (VI waltz)

6-6a The Fair Is Moving On (VI waltz)

6-7 Diane (VI waltz)

6-8 He'll Have To Go (VI waltz)

6-9 Down In The Glen (VI waltz)

6-10 Somewhere Between (VI waltz)

6-11 Summertime Dream (VI waltz)

6-12 Look Again (VI waltz)


R6-1 I'll Put You Together Again (VI waltz)

R6-2 It Happened In Monterey (VI waltz)

R6-3 Curiouser And Curiouser (VI waltz)

R6-4 Coco (VI waltz)

R6-5 E Pari Ra (VI waltz)

R6-6 Everybody Has A Dream (VI waltz)

R6-7 The Power Of Now (VI waltz)

R6-8 The Force (VI waltz)

R6-9 Maddy (VI waltz)






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