Phase 5


5-1 Where The Blue Of The Night (IV+1 waltz)

5-1a Beautiful (IV+1 waltz)

5--2 You Always Hurt The One You Love (V waltz)

5-3 Tenderly (V waltz)

5-4 Piano Concerto (V waltz)

5-4a Broke Away (V waltz)

5-5 Scarborough Fair (V waltz)

5-6 Greensleeves (V waltz)

5-7 A Summer Place (V waltz)

5-7a Written In The Stars (V waltz)

5-8 Queen Of My Heart (V waltz)

5-9 If I Didn't Have You In My World (V waltz)

5-10 One More Waltz (V waltz)

5-11 Memories Of Old Santa Fe (V waltz)

5-12 My Isle Of Golden Dreams (V waltz)

5-13 The Voice Within (V waltz)

5-14 Dru Anne (V waltz)


R5-1 Play The Game Of Love (V waltz)

R5-2 Africa (V waltz)

R5-3 Lady (V waltz)

R5-4 Immortality (V waltz)

R5-5 Conquest Of Paradise (V waltz)

R5-6 Give Me Forever (V waltz)

R5-7 Tiden Renner (V waltz)

R5-8 We Got By (V waltz)

R5-9 Flower Of Scotland (V waltz)

R5-10 Junk (V waltz)

R5-11 La Canzone Di Marinella (V waltz)

R5-12 If You Ever Need Me Again (V waltz)

R5-13 Innocents (V waltz)

R5-14 Le Colline Sono In Fiore (V waltz)

R5-15 Limelight (V waltz)

R5-16 The L Train (V waltz)

















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