Phase 4


4-1 Allegheny Moon (III+1 waltz)

4-2 Run For The Roses (III+ 1 waltz)

4-3 Poeme (III+2 waltz)

4-3a Passing Strangers (III+2 waltz)

4-4 Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (IV waltz)

4-5 The Waltz You Saved For Me (IV waltz)

4-5a You Complete Me (IV waltz)

4-6 You Only You (IV waltz)

4-6a The One (IV waltz)

4-7 True Love (IV waltz)

4-8 Until It's Time For You To Go (IV waltz)

4-9 If You Don't Know Me By Now (IV waltz)

4-10 Heartache (IV waltz)

4-11 Love Pleasure (IV waltz)

4-12 An Out Of Control Raging Fire (IV waltz)

4-13 What If (IV waltz)

4-14 Wanted (IV waltz)


R4-1 When I Fall In Love (IV waltz)

R4-2 Woman Without Love (IV waltz)

R4-3 All I Had Going Is Gone (IV waltz)

R4-4 I Wonder Why (IV waltz)

R4-5 In Your Eyes (IV waltz)

R4-6 Valentine Moon (IV waqltz)

R4-7 Break Up To Make Up (IV waltz)

R4-8 Runaway (IV waltz)

R4-9 Life Is A Long Way To Run (IV waltz)

R4-10 Alone (IV waltz)

R4-11 Angel (IV waltz)

R4-12 Always Believin' (IV waltz)

R4-13 Amateur (IV waltz)

R4-14 Amore E Musica (IV waltz)

R4-15 Androgyne (IV waltz)

R4-16 Anymore Waltz (IV waltz)

R4-17 Apocalypse des Animaux (IV waltz)

R4-18 Arizona Moon (IV waltz)

R4-19 Baby Close Your Eyes (IV waltz)

R4-20 Ballade (IV waltz)

R4-21 Be Here To Love Me (IV waltz)

R4-22 Celebrate Me Home (IV waltz)

R4-23 Clancy's Theme (IV waltz)

R4-24 Credi In Te (IV waltz)

R4-25 Dawn Over The Desna (IV waltz)

R4-26 Does It Ever Change (IV waltz)

R4-27 D'Oro E D'Argento (IV waltz)

R4-28 Easier Said Than Done (IV waltz)

R4-29 Evensong (IV waltz)

R4-30 Every Third Monday (IV waltz)

R4-31 Follow Me (IV waltz)

R4-32 Forever Love 4 (IV waltz)

R4-33 French Woman (IV waltz)

R4-34 Garden Of Graves (IV waltz)

R4-35 Greatest Day (IV waltz)

R4-36 Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo (IV waltz)

R4-37 My Promise To You (IV waltz)

R4-38 Heart Full Of Love (IV waltz)

R4-39 Hov Arek Sarer Jan (IV waltz)

R4-40 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (IV waltz)

R4-41 If There Was A Man (IV waltz)

































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