Phase 2


2-1 Three Times A Lady (I+2 waltz)

2-2 Natasha (II waltz)

2-2a If It's Over (II waltz)

2-3 Four Walls (II waltz)

2-4 Lara's Theme (II waltz)

2-4a Autumn Winds (II waltz)

2-5 Around The World (II waltz)

2-6 Today (II waltz)

2-7 It's All In The Game (II waltz)

2-7a Who's Gonna Love Me (II waltz)

2-8 It's Four In The Morning (II waltz)

2-9 Nocturne (II waltz)

2-10 Sam (II waltz)

2-11 Sweetheart Tree (II waltz)

2-12 The Last Waltz (II waltz)

2-13 The Terry Theme (II waltz)

2-13a Ben (II waltz)

2-14 Last Cheater's Waltz (II waltz)

2-15 Moulin Rouge (II waltz)

2-16 My Cup Runneth Over (II waltz)

2-17 I Meant Every Word He Said (II waltz)

2-18 Hopelessly Yours (II waltz)

2-19 Some Days It Rains All Night (II waltz)

2-20 Baby You're Something (II waltz)

2-21 Their Hearts Are Dancing (II waltz)


R2-1 Chermaine (II waltz)

R2-2 Walkin' All Over My Heart (II waltz)

R2-3 How To Make A Man Lonesome (II waltz)

R2-4 Still Crazy (II waltz)

R2-5 Slow Country Dance (II waltz)

R2-6 Old Fashioned Broken Heart (II waltz)

R2-7 A Heartache Tonight (II waltz)

R2-8 Always Together (II waltz)

R2-9 Behind The Day (II walltz)

R2-10 By The Lakeside (II waltz)

R2-11 Cry Cry Darlin' (II waltz)

R2-12 Day By Day (II waltz)

R2-13 Dolore Caro (II waltz)

R2-14 Dream Away (II waltz)

R2-15 For A While (II waltz)

R2-16 From My First Moment (II waltz)

R2-17 Half The Man (II waltz)

R2-18 High Lonesome (II waltz)

R2-19 I Never Loved A Man (II waltz)

R2-20 Isle Au Haut (II waltz)

R2-21 Last Night I Laid Your Memory To Rest (II waltz)

R2-22 Most Of All Why (II waltz)


















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