Phase 4


4-1 For You Are Beautiful (III+2 foxtrot)

4-2 I Will Wait For You (III+2 foxtrot)

4-3 The Way We Were (IV foxtrot)

4-4 I Love You More And More Every Day (IV foxtrot)

4-5 I'll Be Seeing You (IV foxtrot)

4-5a Your Body Is A Wonderland (IV foxtrot)

4-6 Take Good Care Of My Baby (IV foxtrot)

4-7 Rose Garden (IV foxtrot)

4-8 Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love (IV foxtrot)

4-9 Oh! Look At Me Now (IV foxtrot)

4-10 Somebody Loves Me (IV foxtrot)

4-10a All About You (IV foxtrot)

4-11 Mean To Me (IV foxtrot)

4-12 All I Need Is You (IV foxtrot)

4-13 Love Wonderful Love (IV foxtrot)

4-13a Daybreak (IV foxtrot)

4-14 Watch What Happens (IV foxtrot)

4-15 Back Where I Belong (IV foxtrot)

4-16 All I Want To Do Is Make Love With You (IV foxtrot)

4-17 I'll Watch Over You (IV foxtrot)

4-18 Tell Me Your Dream (IV foxtrot)


R4-1 Amarcord (IV foxtrot)

R4-2 Make Someone Happy (IV foxtrot)

R4-3 Dolce Vita (IV foxtrot)

R4-4 You'd Be So Easy To Love (IV foxtrot)

R4-5 With A Little Help (IV foxtrot)

R4-6 Sing A Song (IV foxtrot)

R4-7 10 Minutes Till The Savages Come (IV foxtrot)

R4-8 A Real Fine Place To Start (IV foxtrot)

R4-9 My Bombombomb (IV foxtrot)

R4-10 It's Happened Again (IV foxtrot)

R4-11 Don't Do Me Like That (IV foxtrot)

R4-12 Let's Put Out The Lights (IV foxtrot)

R4-13 Somebody's In My Orchid (IV foxtrot)

R4-14 All That She Wants (IV foxtrot)

R4-15 This Love (IV foxtrot)

R4-16 I'm Like A Bird (IV foxtrot)

R4-17 Say Say Say (IV foxtrot)

R4-18 Ain't That Just The Way (IV foxtrot)

R4-19 The Riddle (IV foxtrot)

R4-20 Shine (IV foxtrot)

R4-21 Hollaback Girl (IV foxtrot)

R4-22 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (IV foxtrot)

R4-23 I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (IV foxtrot)

R4-24 The Sign (IV foxtrot)

R4-25 Banana Split For My Baby (IV foxtrot)

R4-26 Island In The Sun (IV foxtrot)

R4-27 Philadelphia (IV foxtrot)

R4-28 Two Of A Kind (IV foxtrot)

R4-29 Beyond The Stars (IV foxtrot)

R4-30 I Was Born To Make You Happy (IV foxtrot)

R4-31 Moonlight Feels Right (IV foxtrot)

R4-32 Shake Your Lovemaker (IV foxtrot)

R4-33 Tuca Tuca (IV foxtrot)

R4-34 C'Est Ca Qui Est Bon (IV foxtrot)

R4-35 It's You I Like (IV foxtrot)

R4-36 Old Devil Moon (IV foxtrot)

R4-37 Take My Hand (IV foxtrot)

R4-38 Breakout (IV foxtrot)

R4-39 Going To The Zone (IV foxtrot)

R4-40 Ill Wind (IV foxtrot)

R4-41 Love Is The Sweetest Thing (IV foxtrot)































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