Phase 3


3-1 As Time Goes By (III foxtrot)

3-2 Arriverderci Roma (III foxtrot)

3-3 Moonlight And Roses (III foxtrot)

3-4 Stardust (III foxtrot)

3-5 Invisible Tears (III foxtrot)

3-6 La Petite Tonkinoise (III foxtrot)

3-7 I'm Just Another Sweetheart (III foxtrot)

3-7a It's The Smile In Your Eyea (III foxtrot)

3-8 I'm In The Mood For Love (III foxtrot)

3-9 Wish Me A Rainbow (III foxtrot)

3-9a Only A Fool (III foxtrot) New

3-10 Let's Fall In Love (III foxtrot)

3-11 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (III foxtrot)

3-12 Till (III foxtrot)

3-13 I Remember You (III foxtrot)

3-14 All I Do Is Dream Of You (III foxtrot)

3-15 Making Memories (III foxtrot)

3-16 The Second Time Around (III foxtrot)

3-17 Song Sung Blue (III foxtrot)

3-18 Come Blow Your Horn (III foxtrot)

3-19 I Thought About You (III foxtrot)

3-20 Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue (III foxtrot)

3-21 I'd Wait For Life (III foxtrot)

3-22 Amore Scusami (III foxtrot)

3-23 Crocodile Song (III foxtrot)


R3-1 Boy Of My Dreams (III foxtrot)

R3-2 Kisses That Shake The World (III foxtrot)

R3-3 If You Want This Love (III foxtrot)

R3-4 Penny Lane (III foxtrot)

R3-5 When You've Laughed All Your Laughter (III foxtrot)

R3-6 And The Angels Sing (III foxtrot)

R3-7 Shoo Fly Pie (III foxtrot)

R3-8 Destination Moon (III foxtrot)

R3-9 Do You Believe In Love (III foxtrot)

R3-10 Auslaufen (III foxtrot)

R3-11 Bloody Mary (III foxtrot)

R3-12 Goodnight, Wherever You Are (III foxtrot)

R3-13 Jump (III foxtrot)

R3-14 Thank You For Being A Friend (III foxtrot)

R3-15 Here Comes The Snake (III foxtrot)

R3-16 Doesn't Get Better Than This (III foxtrot)

R3-17 Too Late To Turn Back Now (III foxtrot)

R3-18 A Walkin' Thing (III foxtrot)

R3-19 La Longue Plaine (III foxtrot)

R3-20 The Gal From Joe's (III foxtrot)

R3-21 Deep River Woman (III foxtrot)

R3-22 The Last Song (III foxtrot)

R3-23 Enter Sandman (III foxtrot)

R3-24 Joanna Foxtrot (III foxtrot)



















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