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We hope that you find this website a great resource for teaching Round Dance Figures. Get started by clicking "Rhythms" in the left-side menu.

We have finished writing teaching dances for most of the rhythms. However, we are still adding review dances for these rhythms. We have recently added nightclub two step, bachata and salsa dances.

Assume that the speed is unchanged on any dance where there is no mention of changing the speed on the dance.

If you have any questions about teaching dances, please Contact Us.


New Dances

We have added the following new dances the last few months.

October 2019

cha cha R4-8 You Rock Me

September 2019

paso doble R5-6 Francisco Alegre

jive R6-7 Little Willie

quickstep R5-6 Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed

slow R4-2 Not A Bad Thing

tango R4-8 Vous Permettez

August 2019

west coast swing 5-11 Never Make Your Move Too Soon

waltz R6-8 The Force

mambo 5-5 Perdoname

rumba R4-7 Penny Lover (1000th dance)

July 2019

salsa 5-10 Para Ochun

samba R5-5 So Young

salsa 5-9 Mambo Gozon

salsa 5-8 La Banda

salsa 5-7 Cuando Yo Te Vi

salsa 5-6 I Believe In Miracles

salsa 5-5 He Tratado

salsa 5-4 El Preso

salsa 5-3 Cali Pachanguero

waltz R2-6 Old Fashioned Broken Heart

salsa 5-2 Beautiful

salsa 5-1 Abre Que Voy

merengue R5-3 No Podras

nightclub two step 5-6 Crazy Love

nightclub two step 5-5 Someone I Used To Know

nightclub two step 5-4 City Boy

bolero R4-6 Is This Love

nightclub two step 5-3 Solo

June 2019

nightclub two step 5-2 Talk You Out Of It

nightclub two step 5-1 Anthem

slow two step R3-2 Come To Me

foxtrot R5-9 In Just That Kind Of A Mood

bachata 5-5 No Morire

bachata 5-4 Guitarra

bachata 5-3 El Verdadero Amor Perdona

bachata 5-2 Te Robare

bachata 5-1 Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu

single swing R4-3 Workin' For A Livin'

cha cha R3-8 Say You'll Be Mine

paso doble R4-4 Deep In The Heart Of Texas

jive R5-8 Further On Down The Road

May 2019

quickstep R4-6 I'm A Train

slow R3-2 Jealous

tango R3-8 It's In Your Eyes

west coast swing R4-6 Ability To Swing

waltz R5-8 We Got By

April 2019

mambo R4-1 A Guarachar

rumba R3-7 You're No Good

samba R4-5 Baby Come To Me

two step R3-6 I'm Yours

merengue R4-3 Por El Caminito

March 2019

bolero R3-5 Should've Never

slow two step R5-1 I Could Fall In Love

foxtot R4-8 A Real Fine Place To Start

single swing R3-2 Roll To Me

February 2019

cha cha R6-8 Love It When You Call

paso doble R6-6 Yo Quiero Ser Matador

jive R4-6 You're Only Human

quickstep R3-5 Bad Businessman

January 2019

slow R2-2 Autograph

tango R6-7 Se Ti Prendo

west coast swing 6-9 Triple Shot Of Rhythm & Blues

waltz R4-7 Break Up To Make Up

mambo 3-7 El Taconazo

December 2018

rumba R6-7 What's Love Got To Do With It

samba R6-5 A Dios Le Pido

two step R2-5 Love Don't Live Here

merengue R3-1 Tres Deseos

November 2018

bolero R6-1 Caught Ip In The Rapture

slow two step R4-1 Crash My Party

foxtrot R3-7 Shoo Fly Pie

single swing R6-2 ROCK in The USA

October 2018

cha cha R5-8 Million Dollar Bill

paso doble R5-5 Don Quijote

jive R3-7 Cherish

quickstep R6-5 Jumpin' Jive

slow 6-5 Paradise

September 2018

salsa 4-9 Singapore Vibes

salsa 4-8 Higher Love

tango R5-7 Volvio Una Noche

salsa 4-7 Ave Maria Lola

salsa 4-6 Las Caras Lindas

west coast swing 5-10 Don't Forget Me

waltz R3-6 Sin City

salsa 4-5 Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso

mambo 6-3 Es La Boa

August 2018

salsa 4-4 Conteo Regresivo

salsa 4-3 Pedro Navaja

salsa 4-2 Lloraras

rumba R5-7 Try

salsa 4-1 Time To Spend

samba R5-4 Everything Changes

bachata 4-4 Cancioncitas de Amor

bachata 4-3 Bachata Rosa

waltz R2-5 Slow Country Dance

bachata 4-2 De Higuey a La Capital

bachata 4-1 Propuesta Indecente

merengue 6-3 Como Baila

nightclub two step 4-7 How Do I Live

nightclub two step 4-6 Same Old Love

bolero R5-6 El Ultimo Cafe

July 2018

nightclub two step 4-5 Won't Go Home Without You

nightclub two step 4-4 Spanish Guitar

nightclub two step 4-3 Blue Ain't Your Color

slow two step R3-1 Buzz Buzz Buzzing

nightclub two step 4-2 I Don't Wanna Live Forever

nightclub two step 4-1 Tennessee Whiskey

foxtrot R6-8 A Matter Of Trust

single swing R5-2 Treat Her Right

cha cha R4-7 Blame It On The Boogie

June 2018

paso doble R4-3 Strangers Like Me

jive R6-6 Madame Coquette

quickstep R5-5 You Can't Hurry Love

tango R4-7 Volver

May 2018

slow R5-2 A Thousand Years

west coast swing R4-5 Bad To The Bone

waltz R6-7 The Power Of Now

mambo 5-4 La Pachanga

rumba R4-6 Where Is The Love

April 2018

samba R4-4 La Cumbia

two step R3-5 Welcome To The Future

merengue R5-2 Tu Eres Ajena

bolero R4-5 One Hundred Ways

March 2018

slow two step 6-2 Dancin' Away With My Heart

foxtrot R5-8 Tarzan Boy

single swing R4-2 At The Party

cha R3-7 Hot N Cold

February 2018

paso doble R6-5 Disco La Passione

jive R5-7 Rescue Me

quickstep R4-5 A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But a Bird

tango R3-7 Que Falto Que Me Haces

January 2018

slow R4-1 Blank Spaces

west coast swing 6-8 Cherry Bomb

waltz R5-7 Tiden Renner

mambo 4-6 La Magia De Tus Besos

rumba R3-6 No Mas Mentiras

December 2017

samba R6-4 Close Your Eyes

two step R2-4 Small Town Saturday Night

merengue R4-2 Luna Llena

bolero R3-4 All The Man That I Need

November 2017

foxtrot R6-7 100 Years

foxtrot R5-7 All I Need Is The Girl

foxtrot R4-7 10 Minutes Till The Savages Come

foxtrot R3-6 And The Angels Sing

October 2017

single swing R6-1 The House Is Rockin'

single swing R5-1 Hipster

single swing R4-1 Paperback Writer

single swing R3-1 Thank You Baby

September 2017

cha R6-7 I'm Feeling You

cha R5-7 Desesperadamente

cha R4-6 A Quien Le Importa

cha R3-6 Something Kinda Ooooh

paso doble R6-4 Angustia

paso doble R5-4 Torero

paso doble R4-2 Man In Black

August 2017

jive R6-5 Budapest

jive R5-6 I Hear A Symphony

jive R4-5 Hitchin' A Ride

jive R3-6 Bad Boy Good Man

quickstep R6-4 Young Hearts Run Free

quickstep R5-4 Baby What's Wrong

quickstep R4-4 Tell Him He's Yours

quickstep R3-4 Back On The Corner

tango R6-6 Pa Bailar

July 2017

slow R3-1 Cheap Thrills

tango R5-6 Disturbia

tango R4-6 I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

tango R3-6 Sugar Loaf Tango

west coast swing 6-7 Glory Days

west coast swing 5-9 Honky Tonk Women

west coast swing R4-4 So Much Love

mambo 6-2 You Can In Yucatan

mambo 5-3 Holiday In Havana

mambo 4-5 Chouchou

mambo 3-6 Alto Songo

June 2017

sanba R6-3 Change

samba R5-3 Beautiful Brazilia

samba R4-3 Morena De 15 Anos

waltz R6-6 Everybody Has A Dream

waltz R5-6 Give Me Forever

waltz R4-6 Valentine Moon

waltz R3-5 Suddenly There's A Valley

waltz R2-4 Still Crazy

rumba R6-6 Flowers In Tne Rain

rumba R5-6 Back At One

May 2017

rumba R4-5 Don't Worry Baby

rumba R3-5 Belle Chitarra

two step R3-4 Toes

two step 2-28 Hank Williams Lonesome

bolero 6-6 Me Faltas Tu

bolero R5-5 Bleeding Love

bolero R4-4 Holding Back The Years

bolero R3-3 The Flame

merengue 6-2 Me Miras y Te Miro

April 2017

merengue R5-1 Linda Eh

merengue R4-1 Goodbye

merengue 3-8 Latino Show

foxtrot R6-6 Stay

foxtrot R5-6 Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut

March 2017

foxtrot R4-6 Sing A Song

foxtrot R3-5 When You've Laughed All You Laughter

cha R6-6 Hardrock Cafe

cha R5-6 Cha Cha Heels

cha R4-5 Can't Get You Out Of My Head

cha R3-5 Don't Look Back

single swing 6-5 Reelin' and Rockin'

single swing 5-5 Rock Billy Boogie

single swing 4-8 Love You Done Me Wrong

February 2017

single swing 3-8 Lovin' Machine

slow R2-1 Goodbye In Her Eyes

jive R6-4 What Is Life

jive R5-5 Can't Get Enough

jive R4-4 Every Heartbeat

jive R3-5 Movin' and Groovin'

tango R6-5 Malena

tango R5-5 Little Darling

tango R4-5 Tango Espania

January 2017

tango R3-5 Old Town

paso doble R6-3 El Cordobes

paso doble R5-3 Pasolindo

paso doble 4-4 Nocturno Espanol

waltz R6-5 E Pari Ra

waltz R5-5 Conquest Of Paradise

waltz R4-5 In Your Eyes

waltz R3-4 Disney Girls

waltz 2-21 Their Hearts Are Dancing

December 2016

waltz 1-4 The Song Has Ended

rumba R6-5 I'm No Angel

rumba R5-5 Candle In The Wind

rumba R4-4 The Water Lets You In

rumba R3-4 Last Thing On My Mind

November 2016

quickstep R6-3 Banjos Back In Town

quickstep R5-3 American Beauty Rose

quickstep R4-3 Lady Madonna

quickstep R3-3 Bewitched Theme

two step 1-4 Give It Away

two step 1-3 Do You Want Fries With That

two step 1-2 Beer In Mexico

bolero 6-5 Don't Give Up On Us

bolero R5-4 How Much I Feel

October 2016

bolero R4-3 Fuego Bajo Tu Piel

bolero R3-2 Crazy For You

west coast swing 6-6 Ain't Too Proud To Beg

west coast swing 5-8 All She Wants To Do Is Dance

west coast swing R4-3 Since You've Been Gone

foxtrot R6-5 Manic Monday

September 2016

foxtrot R5-5 The Song Is Ended

foxtrot R4-5 With A Little Help

foxtrot R3-4 Penny Lane

cha cha R6-5 Free

cha cha R5-5 Blow Me One Last Kiss

cha R4-4 Cake By The Ocean

cha R3-4 Papi

slow two step 6-1 I Could Not Ask For More

August 2016

slow two step 5-3 Love So Right

slow two step 4-4 I Wish I Could Back Up

slow two step 3-4 Amazed

April 2016

jive R6-3 Rocket 88

jive R5-4 Bony Moronie

March 2016

jive R4-3 Pretty Belinda

jive R3-4 Maybe Baby

tango R6-4 Viva La Vida

tango R5-4 Tango Milonga

tango R4-4 Una Lacrima Sul Viso

tango R3-4 Tango Roma

mambo 6-1 Mucho Tequila

mambo 5-2 Samba Mambo

February 2016

mambo 4-4 The Most Expensive Girl In The World

mambo 3-5 Tibidibidang

waltz R6-4 Coco

waltz R5-4 Immortality

waltz R4-4 I Wonder Why

waltz R3-3 Bygone Days

January 2016

waltz R2-3 How To Make A Man Lonesome

rumba R6-4 Unfaithful

rumba R5-4 Another Sad Love Song

rumba R4-3 Sarah

December 2015

rumba R3-3 Golden Eye

samba R6-2 One World

samba R5-2 It's Not Unusual

samba R4-2 I Save The Day

two step R3-3 This Is Me Missing You

two step R2-3 You Gave My Heart A Home

bolero 6-4 All For Love

November 2015

bolero R5-3 Miracle

bolero R4-2 I Swear

bolero 3-10 Could I Have This Kiss Forever

foxtrot R6-4 Just For The Fun Of It

foxtrot R5-4 I Don't Know Enough About You

October 2015

foxtrot R4-4 You'd Be So Easy To Love

foxtrot R3-3 If You Want This Love

cha R6-4 Kiss Goodnight

cha R5-4 As If

cha R4-3 Anymore

cha R3-3 The End Of Innocence

slow 6-4 Summer Paradise

slow R5-1 Royals

slow 4-12 Demons

slow 3-16 Somethin' Bad

slow 2-11 Today Is Your Day

single swing 6-5 Jive After Five

single swing 5-4 I'm Ready

single swing 4-7 Ain't Got No Home

September 2015

single swing 3-7 Almost Grown

jive R6-2 The Hippy Hippy Shake

jive R5-3 The Ballad Of John & Yoko

jive R4-2 Whose Bed Have Your Boot Been Under

jive R3-3 Little By Little

tango R6-3 Tango Mit Fernando

tango R5-3 Take Me To The River (this is the 700th dance on this web site)

tango R4-3 She Bangs

August 2015

tango R3-3 Breathe In

paso doble R5-2 Something Happened

paso doble R6-2 Lay All Your Love On Me

waltz 2-20 Baby You're Something

waltz 3-7 Gotham City

waltz R4-3 All I Had Going Is Gone

waltz R5-3 Lady

waltz R6-3  Curiouser And Curiouser

July 2015

rumba R3-2 My All

rumba R4-2 I Have Always Loved You

rumba R5-3 You're In Love

rumba R6-3 By The Time This Night Is Over

quickstep R3-2 Swimming In Deep Water

quickstep R4-2 Papa Was A Poor Man

quickstep R5-2 Miss Chatelaine

quickstep R6-2 Marrakesh Express

June 2015

two step R2-2 Good Ride Cowboy

two step R3-2 Out Last Night

bolero 6-3 Luna en el Malecon

May 2015

bolero 3-9 Truly Madly Deeply

bolero 4-6 Casi Un Bolero

bolero 5-2 Why

west coast swing R4-2 Move That Thang

west coast swing 5-7 I'm Going Fishin' Baby

west coast swing 6-5 Baby I'm Gone

foxtrot R4-3 Dolce Vita

foxtrot R5-3 Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrong

foxtrot R6-3 If It Ain't One Thing It's Another

April 2015

foxtrot 3-23 Crocodile Song

cha R3-2 Annie I'm Not Your Daddy

cha R4-2 Next To Me

cha R5-3 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

cha R6-3 Get Lucky

slow two step 3-3 The Game

slow two step 4-3 Breathe Again

slow two step 5-2 Stompa

slow two step 5-4 One Sweet Day

March 2015

tango R4-2 Tango Delle Papinere

tango R5-2 Eloise

tango R6-1 Can You Feel It

jive R3-2 Boll Weevil Song

jive 4-12 Right Back Where We Started From

jive R5-2 It's The Same Old Song

jive R6-1 Mony Mony

mambo 3-4 Ma Ma Du

mambo 4-3 Straw Hat Song


Alternate Dances

We have written alternate dances which can be used to replace dances where the music may be hard to obtain. Thus a dance with the label 2-7a can be used to replace a dance with the label 2-7. The alternate dance introduces the same new figures as the original dance. However the choreography for the alternate dance will not be the same as the original dance. Thus if you have the music for the original dance you could use the alternate dance as a review dance which does not add any new figures.


Music That Can Be Downloaded

We have been trying to find music for the teaching dances that can be downloaded from internet sites such as I Tunes and Casa Musica. Where the music for a dance can't be downloaded we first try to find an alternate recording of the same music. If we are able to find another recording of the same music we write a revised cue sheet for this music and include both the original cue sheet and the new cue sheet under the dance name. If we are not able to find an alternate recording we can download, we write an alternate dance as described above. We have finished this work and you should be able to download all the music you will need for all of the rhythms.


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